Best VPN for Online Gaming!

One of the biggest requests I have from my clients is help with online gaming. Romania, UK, Germany, Iran, the list goes on. How do I get setup to play online games? Call of Duty, Halo, Minecraft are some of the top games out there right now, but they are not extremely fun to play if you have no internet connection. Either that, or your internet is filtered or blocked. Don’t worry! There are VPN services that can help. I have reviewed my top 5 here in an earlier blog post. Or you can head straight over to Hide My Ass with this special link.

When you are gaming online, every single millisecond can make or break your success as a gamer. The lag or latency can give your opponent an unfair advantage that it is nearly impossible for you to overcome, even with the best of skill. Lag is caused by your internet signal as it passes through other inefficient connections that are all over the place between you and the gaming server, which may be located across the worl. The further away it is, the more potential for inefficient connections between you and your server, and the more potential for lag. The laws of physics cannot be broken, so you want to have a short distance right? When available, you actually want to disconnect any VPN software you ahve running to minimize the number of connections between you and the server. However, some games are RESTRICTED TO CERTAIN LOCATIONS.

In this case, a VPN is your only choice! This may give you exclusive access to digital content and Hide IP Online can help explain that. There is certain content restricted to areas like the USA, Japan, Romania, UK. To access the content, you must connect to a VPN in that country. Not only will it allow you to access the content, but it will provide you with an increased level of security, which is very helpful when you are dealing with an international connection

What if I am using a public network? Best VPN for Online Gaming


Yes! You are sitting in a Starbucks drinking coffee and online gaming right? A VPN can give you the security you need to participate in online gaming. Think about it….all of your personal information tied to your personal gaming account is being sent over the air through the public WiFi network, and to another country where the gaming server is located. Of course, you want this data to be encrypted! That is why you want to use the VPN. Increased security, encrypted data, and accessing geo-restricted content are all major benefits of using a VPN service. Hide My Ass is offering a great deal that can help you with this.

Some games however are geo-restricted, while services such as Xbox live  release demos, DLC and other content that is exclusive to individual countries (notably the US, UK and Japan). To access this content you need to be connected to a VPN with a server in the desired country. In addition to this, we can quite understand why many people prefer never to connect to the internet without the protection that VPN affords, and if you ever use public WiFi hotspots for a spot mobile gaming, this protection becomes pretty much essential. Hide IP Online recommends Hide My Ass VPN service because they are cheap, easy, and have good customer service, but don’t take my word for it. Look around, make the decision for yourself, and enjoy gaming!