How to Maintain Your Privacy on the Internet

How to maintain your privacy on the internet

Trying to maintain your privacy on the internet has become increasingly difficult with increased technology year after year. Online tracking is a reality in today’s climate. With the variety of options offering internet connectivity (smart phones, iPhones, email, dekstop, laptop, social media sites) and all of these resources have digital footprints containing your personal information.

Your personal information is a combination of everything, your location, your age, sex, favorite things, hobbies, what you search for, what you buy, what you download, etc. Big corporations like AT&T and Google store all of this information. It is even shared with the federal government. Data brokers often buy this information and sell it to other entities such as advertising firms, etc.

The NSA and Department of Homeland Security is reading your email everyday, collecting sensitive information about you and your friends. Governments and corporations are working together as one to mine this data, record it, use it for and against you, but most of all , so they can maintain absolute power over you.

Go ahead, check the privacy laws in your country. Most places are allowed to do all of this legally, and are legally required to collect your data. That means it is definitely being done every single day.

This is extremely easy to do, since every computer connected to a network is assigned an IP Address. Yours is listed for you on the right sidebar. Go look at it to see if it is correct. As long as you are using an IP address, you are trackable. One way to hide you IP Address is to use a VPN Service like HideMyAss. This way, you use another IP Address that is based in another location, even in a different country. This way, nobody has any idea who you are. This is ideal when you need to do things like transfer files between computers, make online transactions, and access Netflix or Hulu from oversease.

One thing you should consider doing while using HideMyAss VPN Service is to change some options on your browser.


Block third party flash content (Internet options>block third party flash content) will disallow some third parties form tracking you.