Protect Your Information and Identity Using Anonymity Services

Protect Your Information and Identity Using Anonymity Services

Online snooping and spying is becoming a major problem in the digital revolution. Edward Snowden made that very clear when he released the documents showing what government agencies are doing with their power over our digital infrastructure. Even developing companies are now tapping smart phones, email inboxes, web browsing history, and filtering content. This information is personal and sensitive and you should do everything you can to protect it. There are many times when you need absolute anonymity like making an online purchase, sending important emails, making business deals, or lobbying for a resolution.

We are all becoming dependent on the internet. Therefore, there is personal information available and big companies as well as authorities will pay big money to buy your personal information. The personal information can be used for blackmail, advertising, or criminal investigations.

Regular browsing compromises your anonymity and leaves you vulnerable. That is why millions of people have turned to IPVanish as their VPN

To send emails anonymously to a contact there are many ways to do it. There are secure email services, but why do that when you can get total anonymity with a VPN Service like Hide My Ass? This will give you coverage for email, browsing, purchases, watching Netflix and Hulu, etc.

I wrote an article specifically relating to watching Netflix and Hulu. 

You could also try an email masking service, but again why do that when you can use a VPN service. You see, the problem is your IP address identifies you. This will always remain true. The VPN services change your IP address to something else….making it appear you are not even in the same location. They also provide you with a high level of security for browsing.

What are you waiting for? Your information is readily available (check the side bar to see if you are traceable). Sign up for IP Vanish now and get up to 30% off. 

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