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Purevpn has in excess of 300 servers in 22 nations. These nations incorporate the U.s., U.k., Canada, Germany, Australia, Sweden, France, Brazil and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. With in excess of 22,000 IP addresses accessible, you can rest guaranteed that your association through Purevpn will be nameless and secure. Purevpn gives various profits to its clients with this wide determination of servers and IP addresses. Your primary explanation behind picking a substitute administration is likely the security accessible from it, and Purevpn’s vast server determination guarantees that your information will be protected.

When you utilize Purevpn substitute programming, you can pick which server you might want to join with. This is an incredible gimmick for substitute administrations, one that was tragically missing from a few of them. Purevpn additionally permits you to auto-associate with what it decides is the best server for you.

There are a few servers accessible to browse in the U.s. You can choose the particular server you wish to utilize, or you can permit Purevpn to choose how to join you utilizing the “Utilization Intelligence” characteristic. Use Intelligence doles out you an association focused around what you have to do. Choices in this tab range from gaming to cool web perusing. Purevpn can discover the association that is a good fit for you regardless of what your needs are.

An incessant issue with substitute administrations is their limitation to getting to specific locales. Web administrations like Google will screen IP movement and square Ips that get to the site excessively habitually. Purevpn does not have any such issue. This administration has a high volume of IP locations, which makes it exceptionally unrealistic that Google or comparative administrations will boycott any of its associations. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and more are effortlessly open through Purevpn.

Purevpn scrambles your information utilizing 128-bit solid encryption. This is not the best encryption innovation accessible – 256-bit encryption holds that status. Still, 128-bit encryption will secure your information without difficulty, and it gives you a somewhat speedier association speed. Purevpn allots your machine another IP address, as well, guaranteeing that your online movement won’t be followed and stays nameless.

Purevpn permits you to pick the virtual private system (VPN) association you might want to utilize. The product will allot you an Openvpn association as a matter of course, yet you can relegate yourself a PPTP or L2tp association. We were satisfied to see these alternatives accessible on the Purevpn programming. Openvpn is a solid and stable VPN association and there is little motivation to utilize the other two alternatives outside of certain errands. Still, it is decent to have the choice.




One of Purevpn’s greatest qualities is its openness. You can utilize this substitute administration on pretty much any gadget. This substitute is perfect with Android, ios, Linux, Mac, Windows and Blackberry. On the off chance that your gadget can associate with the web, you can likely interface with it utilizing Purevpn, as well. The administration has establishment guides accessible on the Purevpn site to help you associate with pretty much any gadget.

You can utilize Purevpn on two gadgets all the while. Some contending substitute administrations permit you to use upwards of five gadgets in the meantime. Still, different administrations don’t permit various gadgets whatsoever. This is a pleasant touch for Purevpn. Moreover, you are not bound to any specific gadget when utilizing Purevpn. You can utilize the substitute physically alongside the product on the off chance that you have to.

Part burrowing, a beta peculiarity in the Purevpn substitute administration, permits you to set particular parameters with your applications as to the substitute. Case in point, in the event that you have to visit a Bank of America site while you’re outside of the U.s., you can utilize part burrowing to appoint yourself an American IP location while keeping up your nearby association for each other application. This is an exceptional gimmick accessible just through Purevpn.



Designing and introducing the Purevpn programming is basic and takes just minutes. When you have enlisted for a record, you may download the installer bundle and continue with the establishment. There are a couple of unnecessary choices included all the while, however it is nothing especially nosy. From that point, the product is instinctive and makes joining by means of your substitute server brisk and easy.

Different choices can be gotten to effectively through the tabs placed on the left-hand side of the product. Most choices oblige wiping out your association before you can transform them, notwithstanding, so remember this before endeavoring to change your settings. Live visit is likewise incorporated into the product, permitting you fast get to the day in and day out help group if you require quick aid.

Help & Support

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Purevpn offers phenomenal help and help choices both on the organization’s site and through the substitute programming itself. The site has an accommodating Faqs segment, and on the off chance that you don’t discover your answer there, you can either submit a help email or launch a live visit session. The live visit administrators are accessible day in and day out and, as far as we can tell, react rapidly. Some of our talk sessions were more useful than others, however the help agents ordinarily had each answer we required. Besides, the techs can remote into your machine in the event that you are utilizing the product, permitting them to take control and fix things rapidly and effectively. This, obviously, is impractical without your assent.

Purevpn Summary:


Purevpn is a fabulous substitute administration that conveys comfort, security and adaptability. This administration has 22 server areas with all the more being included a standard premise. It gives secure encryption and a lot of adaptable alternatives for your individual substitute searching background. Regardless of what your substitute administration needs may be, Purevpn will reach the