What is IP Logging?

The answer is simple, but the number of questions and applications are quite long. IP Logging is simply keeping a record of your IP and your internet activity.

There are laws governing IP Logging. However, these are only overseas right now. There are none in the USA currently. The exact laws and a lengthy discussion of IP logging is beyond the scope of this article, but below are general guidelines the  major players are following currently.

For my USA readers:

Dedicated ISPs:


Approximately 1 year as of now.


Up to 6 months currently.


Comcast has mentioned in the past a 180 day retention policy. This has been shown in shown in court cases related to BitTorrents.

In rare cases, the entire case has been dismissed because logs were purged due to expiration (I.e..passed 180 days).

Time Warner Cable

Currently, Time Warner stores IP-address logs for up to 6 months.


Cellular Data Providers:


AT&T guards this information. It has been suggested that they have a 1 year policy.


Current policy is 18 months. This is the longest known policy as of now. And 18 months is a LONG time.


Approximately 1 year as of now.


There are so many BitTorrent lawsuits going on right now, that even ISPs are being accused of wrongfully accused of sharing copyright material. Their defense is simply to provide the IP log of the user that actually shared copyrighted material!

Now you see how important it is to use a VPN service to hide your IP! Be sure to chose a VPN service provider that does NOT log your IP. I listed my Top 5 VPN providers a few weeks ago.

For my EU Readers:

There do exist laws that require your ISP to log your IP association. This is known as a data retention directive and it logs your individual connection. It is even more important to hide your IP to protect your personal information. Wondering if you are currently private? Check the sidebar on this page to see what your current IP is and where you are located…if it is correct, consider signing up for IPVanish RIGHT NOW USING THIS COUPON!!