Why Hide My IP Address?

Why Hide My IP Address?

Hide IP Online believes Anonymity should never be under estimated in the current technological climate. All Google, Bing, Facebook, and Yahoo all keep a thorough history of your browsing activities, searches, keywords, where you are located, and what you are doing. There are even reports of webcam spying. The key to tracking you is your IP address. This IP address can be used to determine all of your information. If you don’t care who know everything about your life, don’t worry about your IP address. If you are worried…then consider hiding your IP address! If you are thinking, “Well, I don’t do anything illegal.” There are plenty of legitimate reasons to hide your IP address

  • You are using a public computer. Maybe at a library, coffee shop, hotel.
  • You are using your private computer on a public WIFI network, such as those located at Starbucks, Hilton Hotels, airports, etc.
  • You are travelling and you need to make a purchase online, but again you are on a public WIFI network.
  • You don’t want your company to know your surfing habits. Are you looking for another job?
  • You live in a country where the internet is censored or filtered.
  • You just don’t like the idea of somebody knowing everything about you

Ways To Hide My IP Address

Well, you are probably wondering…”What can I do to hide my IP address?” There are several ways to do it. I have already discussed VPNs and why they are so beneficial. There are also proxies and IP Options, which I will discuss in a later post here at Hide IP Online. The best current option, in my opinion, is this deal from Hide My Ass.

While these options are significantly more private and allow anonymity, no method is ever perfect. If you participate in any illegal activities, it is possible, but very time consuming, to track the long string transactions back to you. Therefore, you should not be doing illegal activities since technically authorities can figure it out. There are so many legitimate reasons to use a VPN service to hide your IP address that an entire industry is built around it. Several countries around the world are having their internet content filtered for reasons other than their own good, which means that VPN services are doing good for the world by helping deliver useful, non-propaganda type information to keep the world citizens informed of current events.